Leadership Team

Secondary Principal Marlène Ford-Nicolas, Director Marie Jean-Baptiste and former chairman of the board and current USH parent, Richard Supplice.

Message from the Director

The Union School (USH) provides an enriched, accredited American program in a safe and nurturing environment. We strive to empower all our students to become successful lifelong learners who are creative, engaged, empathetic, and productive global citizens. This is our mission that we strive daily to achieve in every aspect of the school.

This vibrant community focuses on a multi-faceted approach to education. Close student and faculty relationships create an environment of mutual respect and trust. Our teachers are exceptional educators who demonstrate passionate engagement with the subjects they teach, challenging and supporting their students and inspiring them to achieve their highest aspirations. Our core values of respect, honesty, empathy, fairness, self discipline, perseverance and responsibility, guide our actions and promote a culture of building the character of our students. Paired with our core values, access to technology, education in music and the humanities, physical education, welcoming classroom spaces, and an updated library all emphasize that both academic and personal growth are at the core of the Union School’s approach to education.  Ultimately, we prepare our students for successful on-going learning in universities and success in their professional and personal pursuits.

Whether you are a student, parent, or staff member, you are a member of the USH community. We invite you to visit our campus for an up-close view of our daily interactions and activities. Ours is a welcoming campus and our strength lies upon the commitment of mutual respect demonstrated by parents, faculty, staff and students in all aspects of our endeavors.

Thank you for your interest, and I invite you to come to see for yourselves what Union School Haiti is all about!

Marie France Jean-Baptiste
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Elementary Principal Jessye Bazile

Message from the Elementary School Principal

Welcome to the Union School! We hope that you will find this website is helpful in learning about our school community; a community where good character is of importance. Our children are learning to become responsible citizens who practice the Panther Pride attitude of respect, responsibility, empathy, and friendship.

Our faculty members demonstrate true commitment to the social, emotional and academic well being of our students. Helping children become life-long learners is a goal toward which we continually strive by instilling a strong desire to learn in our students. We are dedicated to providing quality education in a safe and positive learning environment for all of our students.

Our community is best defined by the relationship that exists between home and school.  It is that mutual trust between our parents and teachers that allows us to work closely to ensure we are doing what is best for our children.

Our bimonthly school newsletter is a great way to keep in touch with events happening at the school. You can find a copy of our school newsletter on our school website.

I would like to thank our teachers, aides, custodians, PTA, Board of Trustees and fellow administrators for all of their hard work in preparing for this new school year.  Because of their efforts, we met our targeted date, despite our catastrophic earthquake, for the opening day of school.

At USH we believe that all children are capable of success-no exceptions! Go Panthers!

Jessye M. Bazile
Elementary Principal
Secondary School Principal Marlène Ford-Nicolas

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Message from the Secondary School Principal

I am delighted to welcome you to our Community of Learners.

At Union School, we believe that each child is unique and possesses qualities and talents to be recognized.    In that perspective, we are committed to providing a varied educational environment apt to address the individual needs of our students.

At the Middle School and Secondary levels, our team of qualified and dedicated teachers strives to provide our Community of Learners asafe learning atmosphere that offers each student the opportunity to develop intellectual, moral, social, physical and democratic values.  Through the teaching of our curriculum and core values, we remain committed to preparing our students to take an active and productive role in tomorrow’s society.

A cornerstone of our educational philosophy, as well as our modus-operandi as an institution is the partnership cultivated among students, parents and staff.  It is our hope that this handbook will contribute to strengthen the link between the home and the school.   Within these pages, you will become acquainted with the many facets of our program, school life, and policies.

Your support and participation in school activities will serve to enhance the school spirit and to further promote the core values at union School.

Marlène F. Nicolas
Secondary Principal
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Message from the Learning Center Coordinator

I am delighted to welcome you to the Learning Center (Special EducationProgram), where every student is a star!

To our parents, it is through your support that we make a significantdifference in the lives of our students. Our partnership is critical for ourstudents’ success.

To Our Students, I ask you to reflect on your goals and strive not only topursue excellence but also to demonstrate perseverance and integrity.Know that the Learning Center staff is here to support and encourageyou as you advance and grow as learners. You need to remember that withopportunity comes personal and collective responsibility to be supportiveof each other. I will count on you to treat each other with tolerance andrespect.

On behalf of the Learning Center faculty, it is truly my pleasure to extend a warm and heartfelt welcome to Union School.

Nadia Durban
Learning Center Coordinator

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