Community Outreach

At Union School, we believe that a child’s education is enhanced when there is cooperation among the school, parents, and community.  As a result, we have created an outreach program designed to bring the community into the classroom, and the students into the community.  Port- au-Prince presents Union School students and staff with vast opportunities to engage in such community service.

In 2010, Union School staff decided that there was no greater time to extend a helping hand into the earthquake ravaged country. As a result, we launched Union School’s first Community Outreach Program. The Community Outreach Program aims to engage all students in a community project, so as to bridge the social divide that exists within Haiti, and to improve education and basic human rights for all. In accordance with Union School’s motto, We’re Building Character, the program strives to develop responsible citizenship and empathy for others, through honest and courageous leadership.

In order to accomplish this vision, Union School has an afterschool/weekend education project, whereby classes are extended to some of Haiti’s disenfranchised youth.  We are currently offering classes in ELL, French and Creole phonetics, computer literacy, music, and physical education.  Union School students who are involved in the Community Outreach Program develop quality leadership skills and initiative, inside and outside of the classroom.