Student Council

The Union School Student Council is a student-run governing body that gives students a chance to help make decisions about our school.  It demonstrates that students have a voice in the school and empowers them to participate in key decisions concerning school policy, activities, sports, and academics.  The biggest value of the Student Council, however, is to provide students with a model of the democratic decision-making process.


2014-2015 Student Council Members

Student Council members are looked upon as the voice of the student body, capable of mobilizing our community towards seeing many advancements and projects come into action.  Student council members are very organized and very willing to lend a helping hand. Leadership is the key word for a successful student council, and all of the Union School Student Council members display exceptional characteristics that speak to our school’s core values.

Regular Student Council Activities:

  • New student welcoming
  • Back to school night organizing
  • Fashion show
  • Fundraisers
  • Teacher’s appreciation week

Current Members and Positions (2014 – 2015):

  • Erika Poitevien, President
  • Charles Zamor, Vice-President
  • Lorena Francis, Secretary
  • Sara Jaar, Treasurer

Student Council members are elected by the student body at the end of the prior year in May. Students begin campaigning in April.