Technology is an essential component to learning and teaching at Union School.  Our school recognizes that technology is vital to preparing students for lifelong learning and workforce readiness.   As such, we strive to provide students and teachers with the technology to develop the skills to be productive citizens in an information-driven, global society.

Our students leverage technology to construct knowledge and meaning by engaging in personally relevant and meaningful learning experiences.  Teachers and administrators use technology to efficiently and effectively facilitate and manage the learning environment.

At Union School, our goals are to:

  • integrate curriculum and technology to inspire a learning community that involves collaboration, communication, and problem solving by connecting students and teachers to the outside world.
  • identify and utilize existing, emerging, and cost-efficient technologies that enhance learning.
  • promote the safe and ethical use of technology.
  • ensure equitable access to technology.
  • support teachers and administrators with ongoing staff development and technical support.

Current Initiatives

To meet our technological goals, we have recently created a 4-year technology plan lasting to the end of the 2014-2015 school year.  We have 2 state-of-the-are computer labs that teachers and students can book as necessary.   We also have laptop sets that can be booked for classroom use, allowing us to further integrate technology into our classrooms.

Many of our classrooms are equipped with computers and projectors to bring the all of the excellent teaching resources available on the Internet into our classrooms.  Teachers utilize these resources as part of classroom lesson plans to provide a rich learning experience to our students.

This year, our school has solidified a strong partnership with Dymo/Mimio, a provider of interactive teaching technologies.  They have donated many Mimio Teach interactive whiteboard kits, Mimio Pad portable tablets, Mimio View document cameras, and Mimio Vote interactive student assessment kits.  These technologies will transform our current classrooms into interactive classrooms, allowing for teachers to create extremely engaging lessons for their students.

In addition to hardware, we are also involved in the World Virtual School Project.  This project allows us to leverage the Moodle open-source Learning Management System to add an online component to all of our classes.  The goals of this state-sponsored project are to provide teachers and students with:


  • a blended learning platform - allowing for the combination of internet-based resources and activities to be integrated into the daily practices of teaching and learning
  • a collaborative platform - allowing us to work on projects within classrooms, between classrooms, and even between schools anywhere in the world
  • an emergency platform - allowing us to sustain our academic program even if access to the campus is not possible

Our online learning space located at: